You’re about to turn 21, a true landmark birthday, and the big question on your mind is: can you drink? The answer is yes – but there are a few things you should know first.

For starters, you can only drink on licensed premises. This means bars, clubs, and restaurants that have a special license to serve alcohol. You cannot drink in public places like parks or on the street.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of where and what can you drink when you turn 21. Well turns out the answer is anything you want, as long as it contains alcohol. So wine, beer, hard liquor, it’s all fair game.

Can You Buy Alcohol On Your 21st Birthday?

Yes, you can buy alcohol on your 21st birthday. In fact, you can buy alcohol anytime you want once you turn 21. However, there are some things to keep in mind when buying alcohol.

For example, most states have laws that prohibit buying alcohol for someone who is underage. So if you’re buying alcohol for a friend who is 20, they could get into trouble even though you’re 21.

What If You’re Not From the United States?

If you’re not from the United States, the drinking age in your country may be different. In some countries, the drinking age is 18, while in others it’s 21.

In a few countries like Denmark in Europe, you are allowed to buy beer, wine, and the likes from the age of 16.

Bottom line: Yes, you can drink on your 21st birthday – but be aware of the laws in your state or country and drink responsibly.

Can You Buy Alcohol At Midnight On Your Birthday?

Technically, yes – you can buy alcohol at midnight on your birthday.

However, most stores will not be open at that hour, so it may be difficult to find a place to buy alcohol. and those who are can have policies in place that prevent you from buying alcohol until the next day.

So if you’re looking to buy alcohol at midnight on your birthday, your best bet is to call ahead to see if the store you want to go to will be open and selling alcohol at that time.

It is always a great idea to plan your 21st birthday ahead of time.

Can You Drink Alcohol As Soon As The Clock Strikes Midnight On Your 21st Birthday?

Yes, you can drink alcohol as soon as the clock strikes midnight on your 21st birthday – but again, only on licensed premises. So if you’re at a bar or club that has a liquor license, you can order a drink as soon as the clock strikes 12:01.

Even though you’re of legal drinking age, certain bars and clubs may refuse to let you in on your 21st birthday. Some clubs and pubs have rules in place banning entrance until you are 21 years old and a day.

There is a myth that you can get into clubs two hours before midnight and start drinking on your birthday, but this is untrue. In fact, most clubs and bars will not let you in until you are of legal drinking age, since they risk losing their liquor license if they serve alcohol to minors.

But since you should be throwing your birthday party the next day perhaps going out isn’t the best of ideas. Instead you could be getting ready for your 21st birthday party even if it is on a tight budget.

21st birthday celebrations are a big deal – and for good reason. You’ve finally reached the legal drinking age! But before you head out to celebrate, be sure to brush up on the rules and regulations surrounding alcohol. That way, you can enjoy your birthday to the fullest – and stay out of trouble.