It’s getting more and more common that we are asked about how to celebrate without alcohol, and party without drinking, and that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring event.

Celebration without alcohol is all about creating the right atmosphere. You can create a fun celebration by selecting the right music, lights, and colors. Serving non-alcoholic cocktails and perhaps spice up the event with some fun activities.

After reading this post you will know how to plan a birthday party without drinking and still have a blast.

How to celebrate without alcohol?

Planning a party or celebration without drinking alcohol might sound like a doll party, but it is far from the case. There are a lot of occasions where alcohol just doesn’t fit in, like some birthday parties, baby showers, new years eve if you have to work the day after, or perhaps there are a lot of small kids or pregnant women present. There is also the most obvious reason that you might be or someone at the celebration might be a former alcoholic, that has been sober for a while.

If you want to celebrate without alcohol these ideas might make your party stand out:

  • Music helps create the right atmosphere
  • Make cocktails without alcohol
  • Get the adrenalin flowing – Make a plan for some fun party activities
  • Use lights and color to set the mood
  • Surprise the guest with an unexpected happening

Here are our suggestions for a party without drinking alcohol:

How do people celebrate alcohol-free?

There are lots of ways that people celebrate alcohol-free. Most people plan the celebration earlier in the day, but you can also plan an evening celebration without alcohol you just need to set the right mood and create an intoxicating atmosphere and people will still have fun, perhaps even more fun than if they were drinking.

Some of the ways you can create an intoxicating atmosphere are by creating an event, that is filled with fun activities for adults or perhaps even a theme party. I have written a post about how you can make a party fun without alcohol that is worth a read.

What Party activities are fun without alcohol?

Fun Party Activities for Adults are my favorite way to get people pumped at a party. And trust me, choosing the right icebreaker activity will set the perfect mood for sure.

Since we are talking about celebrating without any alcohol, perhaps it would be fun to start off with some activities with Drunk Goggles, that will make your guests get blurry vision and even double vision and that will make any game a challenge and even more fun to watch.

Are drunk Drunk Goggles real?

Before we get into what games to play with drunk goggles on, perhaps I should elaborate on what Drunk Goggles are.

Drunk Goggles looks like Ski Goggles, but makes you feel a bit tipsy. Although Drunk Goggles won’t make you drunk, you will still get challenged in a lot of the same ways, like blurry vision, lack of balance, alteration of depth, and distance perception.

Some of the Effects of drunk goggles:

  • Slowed reaction time.
  • Blurry Vision & Double Vision.
  • Alteration of depth and distance perception.
  • Effects judgment and decision making.
  • Lack of balance.

Fun games to play with Drunk Goggles:

  • Relay run
  • Floorball
  • Play Catch
  • Walk the line
  • Shoot free throws

See all our ideas for Fun party activities for adults.

How to party without alcohol?

You don’t need alcohol to have fun at a party you just need to create the right atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, the right music can get you halfway there. But what really makes or brakes an event is the food and drinks at the event. But no worries here is what you can do:

A cocktail party without alcohol

You don’t need to be drinking juice, water, or soda throughout the event, you can make refreshing Cocktails without alcohol, also called Mocktails or virgin cocktail.

What are the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in America?

Some of the most popular non-alcohol drinks and cocktails in America are:

  • Virgin mojito
  • Virgin Margarita
  • Virgin PiƱa Colada
  • Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Safe Sex on the Beach

You can even make a lot of these non-alcoholic drinks with slush ice, which is perfect for a summer backyard party.

Do you have a great idea for how to celebrate without alcohol?

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