Since you are looking for drinking games without anything, I guess you are about ready to get started drinking, so I will cut this intro short. So let’s get into the list of fun verbal drinking games without cards.

If you are just looking to avoid drinking games with cards, I’ve made a great list of Drinking games for small groups without cards.

Here are some of the best drinking games without anything, no props like cups, cards, or balls.

  • I Never/Have You Ever
  • The Alphabet Game
  • Medusa
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Categories
  • would you rather?
  • Most Likely To…

The first drinking game idea without props is “I Never/Have You Ever “

The rules for the first drinking game “I Never/Have You Ever” are pretty simple: sit in a circle and take turns saying something you have never done or something that you have done. If anyone of you has done what the person said, they have to drink. For example: “I have never been to Europe” or “I have never gotten a speeding ticket.”

The brutal part of this drinking game is, you can make everyone drink or a specific person drink by being smart with your questions.

“The Alphabet Game” is another great drinking game without any equipment.

Each person has to say a word that starts with the next letter that the person before them said. So, if the first person says “Apple,” the next person could say “Banana,” and so on. If anyone repeats a word, uses a word that isn’t allowed, or takes too long to think of a word, they have to drink.

This game will get harder and harder as you get drunk.


This is perhaps one of the best drinking games around the campfire

To begin the game, have everyone sit in a circle with their heads bowed. Choose one person to countdown from three then on go, everybody looks up, and if 2 players make eye contact with each other, they both drink.

If you want to make this game more entertaining, the players who are gazing at one another must scream Medusa and flee to the opposite seat if they make it before the other person says Medusa, in which case the other person has to consume twice as much.

Two Truths and a Lie

A personally prefer more active outdoor drinking games, but when it comes to drinking games without anything, this is perhaps one of the best drinking games out there.

To play, each person takes a turn telling three stories about themselves, two of them being true and one of them being a lie. Everyone else in the circle then has to guess which story is the lie. If they can’t figure it out, or if they guess incorrectly, they have to drink.

As you might imagine, this is a great way to get to know people, especially if you are playing with people who you don’t know very well, and it’s also fun to try to trick people into thinking that the truth is a lie and the other way around.


This is yet another classic drinking game, that you can get started right away.

To begin, somebody starts by naming a category (e.g., fruit, animals, countries in Europe, a local state, etc.), and then everybody else takes turns naming something in that category. If somebody can’t think of anything or repeats something that’s already been said, they have to drink.

For example, if the category is animals, somebody might say “lion,” and then the next person might say “tiger.” Then the next person might say “bear,” and so on. If the next person says “lion” again, they would have to drink because they repeated something that’s already been said.

This game is great because it can be played with pretty much any group of people, and there are an endless number of categories that you can come up with.

Most Likely To…

Most likely to is a drinking game where you take turns saying who is most likely to do something from a certain category. For example, the categories can be:

  • Things you’ve done in the last 24 hours
  • Childhood memories
  • Things you’re afraid of
  • Lies you’ve told
  • Secrets you’ve kept
  • Dreams you have

You can make the categories as specific or as general as you want. To make the game more challenging, you can give two options for each category and the person who’s “it” has to choose which one they’re more likely to do.

For example, if the category is “things you aren’t good at,” the player might say “I’m more likely to have money left at the end of the month then..” Then the other players would have to point to the person who they think is less like to have money outlasting the person stating it. The person who most players point at has to drink.

Upgrade your drinking games with props

If you are thinking about updating your drinking games repertoire with props, I’ve made a post with some new great ideas for drinking games, that will take your drinking game to the next level