I have found a lot of fun party activities for adults with a twist for 2022. Every year I help plan more than 300 events for adults and in this list, you will find my best suggestions for fun party activities for adults that fit a birthday party, an office a Batchelor party as well.

But to make the list of activities, we have to set some ground rules for what a fun activity is.

Let’s define what are fun party activities for adults.

Fun party activities for adults have to be fun to try and also fun to watch. The games should be kept relatively simple since complexity often takes a toll on the fun of the games.

– So with that in mind, let’s get into the list of activities.

Crazy party games with Drunk Goggles

We have to start this list with Drunk Goggles!

It doesn’t matter if you are having a drink or not, These goggles will make everyone feel more than just a little bit tipsy.

These Drunk goggles will make you see double and it will be hard to judge the distance to any object. You can use the Drunk Googles for a lot of different party activities. like Floorball, obstacle course run, or perhaps some Fun Relay Race, the Goggles are especially popular for drinking games for small groups.

The best part about these goggles is, that if you had planned a backyard party and the weather doesn’t quite agree with your plans, then it’s easy to adjust the games for indoor play.

What games to play while wearing drunk goggles?

Here a some of my suggestions for some easy drunk goggle activities:

  • Walk in a straight line
  • Soccer penalty kick competition
  • Floorball
  • Relay Race with guests divided into small teams/groups
  • Obstacle course run
  • Play catch
  • Unicorn/pony hoppers race with drunk goggles on
  • Soccer Tournament

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Bumper ball games are the perfect activity if you’re looking for more action.

This wild party activity will make your party stand out! It’s a high-pace, instant-action, and entertaining game to play. But also a lot of fun to watch.

This game is mostly known as Bumper soccer or Bubble Soccer. It is a fun way to play soccer and very challenging.

Bumper Soccer is a great activity for larger groups of adults or teens and if you want to make a small tournament (Double Elimination) it will take about 40 minutes with 4 teams of 5 players.

Great ideas for what you can play with bumper balls:

  • Bumper Soccer tournament
  • King of the Hill

What you need to play:

  • Inflatable Bubble soccer balls
  • Blower
  • Large indoor or outdoor space
  • soccer ball
  • 2 Goals (hula hoops, cones, or anything that can work as a goal, so no one gets hurt on a real goal)

Read more about: Inflatable Bubble soccer balls

Bowcombat is perhaps the craziest party game on the planet!

If you a looking for birthday party games for adults to play in the backyard, Bowcombat might be it. If you like paintball and an action-packed event, this game might suit your needs.

You can divide the guests into small teams of 5 if you want to make a tournament, but the real action is in a king of the hill challenge, which reminds most people of hunger games.

What you need:

  • Bows
  • Arrows with foam-tip
  • Arm protectors
  • Masks
  • Large outdoor or indoor space
  • Obstacles

Unicorn race with drunk goggles on

This game is best suited for outdoor play. It is a race where the players have to hop on a Unicorn or Pony hopper and try to reach the finish line first. Of course, this game is more challenging when you are wearing drunk goggles.

You can make this game more challenging by adding obstacles like hula hoops that the players have to jump through or obstacles on the ground.

This game is great for larger groups and you can have multiple races going on at the same time, depending on how many unicorn or pony hoppers you have rented.

What you need:

  • Unicorn or Pony Hoppers
  • Blower for the hoppers
  • Large outdoor space
  • Drunk Goggles (optional)
  • Hula hoops, sandbags, or cones (optional)

Relay drinking games for adults with sumo suits and drunk goggles

Sumo suits are great for a number of games for a party. Personally, I use them for Sumo-Wrestling, Sumo soccer, and Sumo Relay runs with Drunk Goggles on.

The Sumo suits are great for a backyard party because they can take a beating.

If you want to make a relay-drinking game out of it, you can have the players race from one point to another while wearing the sumo suits and drunk goggles. The first player will put on the sumo suit and the drunk goggles, then race to the other side of the yard and back. When he/she reaches the finish line, the next player in line will put on the sumo suit and drunk goggles, and race to the other side. The first team that finishes wins.

What you need:

  • Sumo suits
  • Drunk goggles
  • Large backyard or indoor space
  • Sandbags, cones, or other objects for the relay run

Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is a race where players have to strap on a bungee cord and race to the other side of the bungee lane. The first player to reach the furthest down the lane, attaching a velcro pillow before being pulled back by the bungee cord, wins.

This game is great for larger groups and the Bungee Run can handle 40 people an hour if managed correctly.

What you need:

  • A bungee Run
  • 4 Bungee cords
  • 1.5hp Blower
  • Large outdoor space (typically 35 feet x 14 feet)
  • pegs, Sandbags, or other objects to weigh down the bungees

Pictionary with drunk goggles on

I guess you already know the game Pictionary and it can be quite fun by it self, but when you add Drunk Goggles into the mix, well that brings the game to a whole new level.

The goal of the game is to draw a picture based on the word or phrase given and have your team guess what the word or phrase is. If you want to make this game more challenging, you can have the players wear drunk goggles while they are drawing.

What you need:

  • A whiteboard or flipchart
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Drunk goggles (optional)

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