Our Missions

Now you have the chance to become a part of our movement where we want to have fun while changing the world step by step.

We will make online and offline challenges that you can participate in and win prizes while helping make a difference.

Wednesday, the 1st of March, 2023, will be the date we launch our Challenge series.

But this series isn’t just any kind of series. We have gathered the crew behind what we suspect to be the first Online eSport tournament with a cash prize.

You will get the chance to compete for money in a series of online games and party games. You won’t need a team or be skilled in a specific game.

Everyone deserves to grow up and have positive experiences, no matter the circumstances; that’s why we will host events for less fortunate families and kids with Cancer.

We have already sponsored tens of thousands of US Dollars for events like Relay for Life (a significant cancer event in Denmark) And individual events for families with kids with Cancer.

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