If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spice up your next party, then a DIY drinking obstacle course is a perfect choice for a drinking game for a small group of adults! And if you really want to challenge your guests, then add Drunk Goggles to the mix!

After reading this post, you will be able to set up your own drinking obstacle course with ease. We’ll cover everything from what supplies you’ll need, to how to set up the course, and even some fun ideas for challenges.

For the best setup, you will need:

Setup the starting line of the obstacle course

At the starting line, the players put on a Sumo suit and Drunk Goggles and get in position. Each race will include 2 players competing against each other.

The rules of the drinking obstacle course are simple:

  • Get through the course the fastest
  • You are allowed to knock each other over to get an advantaged
  • You have to complete the whole course
  • You have to play Flip cup with 5 cups, at the end of the table if knock over a Cup you have to run around the table before you continue the game
  • You have to run through the course on your way back to the start/finish line.

The first section of the obstacle course

There are two ways to start the Course, one is to build a lane for each player like you see in this video, and the other option is letting the players compete in the same lane, which will give the obstacle course way more action and sumo-wrestling during the game.

Starting the game with slalom running will make it more difficult by adding two sandbags placed two feet apart that players have to run through. If you put them on the left side 15 feet down the track and then add another set 15 feet further down on the right etc., it’ll be especially challenging while wearing drunk goggles since they’d see four to six sandbags instead of two.

At the end of the obstacle course, it’s time for Flip Cup

After the Slalom is time for a game of Flip Cup, where 5 cups are set up on each side of a table, one side for each player. The object of the game is to drink your beer and then flip the cup onto its rim so that it stands up.

The Drunk Goggles will add some difficulty to this task as well!

If a player knocks over a cup, their team has to do a penalty, such as everyone on the team taking a shot, or the player has to run around the table in circles 2 times.

After completing the task, the players have to run slalom back to the start/finish line, the one that finishes first wins.

All you need for this drinking obstacle course game is:

A large open space
A stopwatch or timer so you can pick a winner from all the rounds (App on a smartphone or buy one from amazon)
Drunk Goggles ( See offers )
Sumo Suits (can be rented from a local party rental business)
Sandbags or cones
A beer pong table
Drinking cups

Drinking obstacle course alternatives

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