Get ready for some truly crazy ideas for parties of any size! I am not talking about the typical let’s pick a theme kind of thing. I am talking about going banananas!

I got hooked on party planning when I hosted my own 18th birthday party with 170 guests. But things really took off in a crazy manner, when I started hosting an annual costume carnival, attracting more than 2,000 attendees and even getting the local newspaper and TV station involved.

So in this post, I will give you ideas for crazy things to do at a party, and show you crazy things that happen at parties that are planned to be epic!

Crazy ideas for parties that will make fun stuff happen

The first thing we have to do is to create the right circumstances for fun things to happen at the party, so we need to get all the guests to loosen up. To do this, we need to set the tone for the party from the very beginning.

Here are some suggestions for your party:

  • Make people loosen up from the beginning
    This can be done by letting people dress up in weird costumes or perhaps a masquerade. This will get everyone in the mood and allow them to let their guard down. Plus, it’s always more fun when you’re allowed to be someone else for a night!
  • The walking party
    If you’re bored of the typical party scene, then switch things up by making it walking and talking party. Your guests will love being able to laugh, drink, and dance their way from destination to destination.
  • Let people prepare fun things for the party
    One way to make the party more fun is to let your guests build a float like a parade. This will get them excited and involved in the party, and it will be a memory that they will never forget. Plus, it’s a great way to show your creative side!
  • Award the best or weirdest costumes and float
    This will create a sense of competition and make people try harder to be the best. It will also add to the overall craziness of the party and something that will grab people’s attention doing the party.

All of these ideas will set the stage for your guests to be involved and make sure that a lot of crazy things will happen. But now let’s look at what you can plan to make sure that this stuff will actually happen.

Crazy stuff to do at a party

Now we are getting into the real meat of this post – the crazy stuff to do at a party! These are ideas that will ensure that your party is one that people will be talking about for years to come!

Orienteering is a fantastic addition to your crazy party! You don’t need a map and compass for this. You accomplish this by creating checkpoints with games and activities for your guests to complete. All of the attendees must complete all of the checkpoints in order to enjoy the event.

Here is some crazy stuff to do at the party for some of the checkpoint;

Drunk Goggle run in Sumo suits

This is a relay race made into an obstacle course, where all the guests must complete the activity in teams of 5, you can do this activity in your backyard or in a park.

Each team gets a Sumo suit, a drunk goggle, and a helmet. You can let 2 or more teams compete at a time depending on the budget for renting the party equipment.

The objective is for the teams to compete with one another in a relay fashion. A member from each team starts at the starting line wearing a sumo suit, drunk goggles, and a helmet, ready to race.

Then the race starts a player from each team has to complete the course and return to the team, so the next player can be handed the sumo suit, drunk goggle, and helmet. The team where all the players have finished the course first wins.

To make the course even crazier and more spectator friendly, add objects the players have to pass, over, under, and across. Make small tasks like picking up a ball on the way, which can be quite a challenge since the drunk goggles make you get double vision and you will have huge problems with your distance perception.

Flip-cup run

You might already be familiar with the normal flip-cup game, which is very popular for 21st birthday parties on a budget, but let’s make a little twist that makes this game totally crazy. instead of only using one table for this game we are going to use 5 tables.

The game of flip cup is played one vs one. at each table, there are two cups, one for each player. the player’s race to drink their cups of beer and then flip the cups upside down on the table. the first person to have all five of their cups flipped wins the game.

but it doesn’t stop there. Each table will be placed 15 feet apart and there will be obstacles between the tables like a bucket filled with flour, where the players have to grab an apple with their teeth without using their hands.

Another option can be to have a kids’ pool filled with water where you have to carry the water in your mouth and fill a cup on the next table before you can empty the cup with beer at the next table.

Any kind of crazy idea for a challenge in between the tables will do. You just need to be creative.

This game should be on most people’s top10 list of drinking games to play for small groups.