There are plenty of Funny bubble soccer videos on youtube, it seems like everyone and their mother has posted a video of their soccer team playing in bubble soccer balls.

But not all videos are made equal. I have especially two funny bubble soccer videos, that I prefer and use for my posts about bubble soccer and both videos are made by devinsupertramp. These videos are Next level quality and the amount of work put into them.. Well, you can see for yourself.

Greatest Game Ever Played – Zorb Soccer with Champion in 4K!

We have to start with this epic video produced by Seth Jones and edited by Parker Walbeck in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. They have put in a lot of work to produce this epic video

Behind the scenes of “Greatest Game Ever Played” video

It isn’t often that we get a behind-the-scenes look at how these videos are made, but in this case, we get to see the behind-the-scenes of this bubble soccer video.

King of the hill – A great Bubble soccer alternative

Bubble balls can be used for other games than bubble soccer, and King of the hill is one of my favorite bumper games. Perhaps not as wild a version as we see in this video. This video was filmed by Team Supertramp and edited by Tyson Henderson.

Most watches Bubble soccer video

As I mentioned in the beginning, it seems like every soccer team and their mother has been uploading bubble soccer videos, and this includes one of the top teams in the world FC Barcelona.

As far as I know, this is the most watched bubble soccer video on youtube with more than 25M views. How do you think this video is compared to the other videos I’ve listed in this post?

Insane bubble soccer video

If you thought that the king of the hill video was crazy, wait until you see this video, where their are playing bubble soccer with bulls… Yes literally with bulls.

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