If you’re looking for some fresh and innovative ideas on “how to plan your backyard 21st birthday party”, you’ve come to the right place.

Outdoor parties are always a blast, and with the right planning, they can be just as elegant and classy as any indoor affair. But you can also go with an action-packed 21st birthday event in the backyard.

So get ready to celebrate in style with these amazing outdoor 21st birthday party ideas!

In this post, you will find all you need to plan a 21st birthday party outdoors:

  • Backyard party ideas
    • Type of Birthday event
    • Choose a 21st birthday theme
  • 10 Outdoors 21st birthday party activities
    • Bumper soccer / Bumper balls
    • Bow tag
    • Sumo Wrestling
    • Drunk Goggles
    • Water balloon fight
    • Bungee Run
    • Mechanical bull
    • Inflatable obstacle course
    • Wipeout
    • Pony hoppers / Unicorn race

Ideas for an outdoor 21st birthday party

When it comes to celebrating the 21st birthday, there are endless possibilities for how to mark the occasion. Why not throw a backyard party that will be remembered for years to come?

After all, what’s more American than celebrating in your own backyard?

Here are some ideas for throwing an outdoor 21st birthday party that will have everyone talking.

What kind of event do you want your 21st birthday party to be?

Do you want your 21st birthday to be action-packed or a classy event? Will it be a small gathering of close friends or a large bash with everyone you know? Once you’ve decided on the kind of event you want, it’ll be much easier to start planning.

The 3 classic kind og 21st birthday event types;

The low-key birthday event

If you want something low-key, set up some lawn games like cornhole, flip cup, or frisbee.

Using a cool backdrop can make the party pop just a little bit without being too flashy.

And of course, no party is complete without good music. Create a custom playlist on Spotify or rent a DJ for the night.

Sports party: This is the perfect theme for those who love competition. Have a variety of different sports-themed games set up around the yard.

• Carnival party: Rent some carnival games and set them up in the backyard. Have prizes for the winners.

Classy 21st birthday party in the backyard

For a classy event, you might want to consider hiring a caterer and renting some tableware. You could also set up a photo booth or hire a caricaturist for entertainment.

Perhaps make a paparazzi area /red carpet in front of the house so guests can snap some memories of the party. You could also put up some festive decorations, like streamers and balloons, to set the mood.

Theme ideas for a Classy 21st birthday;

  • Casino night: This is a great theme for those who want to have a bit of excitement at their party. Set up a casino-themed area with gaming tables and props, and be sure to have plenty of liquor on hand!
  • Hollywood night: Throw a red carpet event and have your guests arrive dressed in their best Hollywood glamour. Serve cocktails in martini glasses and enjoy some delicious finger foods.
  • Tropical island party: Transform your backyard into a Tropical paradise with palm trees, tiki torches, and island music. Serve drinks in coconuts and enjoy some delicious island cuisine.

making a bar standout is easily done with a Bar with lights under the ice cubes.

The Action-packed 21st birthday event

For an action-packed party, consider renting Bumper balls or inflatable obstacle courses. These types of activities are perfect for young adults who want to have a good time. And who knows, you might even get a few photos or videos that will make for great memories.

Theme ideas for a action-packed party;;

  • Sports party: This is the perfect theme for those who love competition. Have a variety of different sports-themed games set up around the yard and be sure to add a twist like a Soccer tournament is played with bumper balls, the Hockey is played with Drunk Googles. By adding a twist you’ll add more fun to the games.
  • Carnival party: Rent some carnival games and set them up in the backyard. Have prizes for the winners.
  • Water party: If it’s hot out, why not cool down with a water party? Set up a Slip’ N Slide or sprinklers and have some fun in the sun. Remember to end the party with a big water balloon fight.

You can also make a huge tournament for your 21st birthday for activity ideas read the section on activities further down the page.

10 outdoor activities that are perfect for your 21st birthday party

In this post we have added 10 fun outdoor party activities for you to choose from, that will guarantee an epic party that will be remembered as a heck of a party.

These are the top activities that are requested from the Event rental businesses and that are both fun to watch and extremely fun to play.

Bumper ball tournament with family and friends

Bumper balls are a great way to add some excitement to your 21st birthday party. These large, inflatable balls can be worn like a suit, and allow you to bump, bounce, and roll around with your friends.

If you want to take your bumper ball party to the next level, why not host a small bumper soccer tournament? Split your guests up into 4 or more teams, and make a double-elimination tournament.

Bow tag

Bow tag is a new and entertaining twist on the classic game of tag. Played with special foam-tipped arrows, bow tag is safe for all ages.

What’s great about bow tag is that it can be easily adapted to any party size. If you have a large group of friends, you can split them up into teams and play a round-robin tournament. Or, if you have a smaller group, you can all play against each other.

Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling is a fun and physical activity that’s perfect for any party. It’s also a great way to let off some steam and have some friendly competition.

If you want to add a sumo wrestling match to your 21st birthday party, you can rent in from your local party supplier.

Drunk Goggles

Wearing these special glasses will make everything appear blurry and distorted, simulating the effects of being drunk, and trust me you can’t judge the distance to an object, and FYI you will see 2-4 of each object aswell.

This is a great activity for your 21st birthday party because it will add a twist to any game you choose to play even flip a cup. Plus, it’s a great way to get your guests laughing and having a good time.

Drunk goggles are great for these activities:

  • Relay Run
  • Soccer
  • Penaltyshoots
  • Floorball
  • Catch
  • Walk the line
  • Hoops

You can even buy the drunk goggles for your 21st birthday and use them to start a rental event business.

Water balloon fight

A water balloon fight is a perfect activity for a hot summer day. It’s also a great way to cool down your guests after a long night of partying.

Bungee run

The bungee run is a popular choice for a 21st birthday party. This inflatable game is perfect for a group of friends, and it’s a great way to get everyone moving and laughing.

It only takes 10 min to set up the bungee run and you are off to the races.

  • To play, each player will need to attach the bungee cord to their waist.
  • The players will then race against each other to see who can get furthest down the track with a velcro pillow.
  • The one that ends up with a velcro pillow nearest the end of the track will win.

Mechanical bull

Want a Western theme at you 21st birthday party, then the Mechanical bull ride could be the answer. This is way harder than you might think and lots of fun to see who will set the record for the party.

Inflatable obstacle course

An inflatable obstacle course is an obstacle course made out of inflatable materials. It is often used for entertainment purposes, such as at birthday parties or other events.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to choose an inflatable obstacle course for your next party. First of all, it’s perfect for any age group, and it can be adapted to fit any party size.


The wipeout is a great way to add some excitement to your party. It’s also a great way to get your guests moving and laughing.

Pony Hoppers or Unicorn race