In this post, you will get my best tips, for how to make a party fun without alcohol, and believe me there are plenty of things that can make the party even more fun than alcohol.

These tips are gathered from the Event managers I work with, and we have gathered this information from more than 5.000 events over the years. So let’s get into how you can celebrate without alcohol and have a blast.

The short answer to how you make a party fun without alcohol is quite simple.

You make a party fun without alcohol by keeping your guests entertained, loosening up, and having fun. Use tactics like Icebreaker events, Fun activities, and Surprise your guests with a happening of some sort. You can also make a Non-alcoholic cocktail bar to set the mood.

Choose the right kind of icebreaker event for your party

fun activities for parties without alcohol

You don’t need to serve alcohol for your guests to loosen up and have fun. The right kind of icebreaker event will do a much better job at loosening the crowd than alcohol and way faster.

But for the icebreaker to do its job, it needs to be an engaging activity, fun to take part in, but also fun to watch.

That might sound like a lot to ask of an icebreaker event for a party without alcohol, but there are a lot of crazy activities that will do the job. I have listed a few of these fun party activities below. But if you want to go crazy, then check out the post I wrote on Fun party activities for adults.

Sober people seem drunk with Drunk Goggles on

Drunk Goggles are trending for entertainment at all sorts of parties this decade. And perhaps it’s because it is so easy to get started and you don’t need a ton of equipment and it doesn’t take hours to set up.

Drunk Goggles are great as an icebreaker event or perhaps a small happening to get things kicked into gear. Drunk Goggles will make you lose balance, and get double & blurry vision, so as you can imagine this is the perfect recipe for a fun activity that requires any kind of coordination.

Learn more about drunk Goggles

Bumper soccer is a fun party game

If you want to make a party fun without any alcohol it’s all about crazy ideas for entertainment, and Bumper Soccer / Zorb balls are perhaps one of the most entertaining activities for a party. It’s not only fun to play the game, but it’s also very entertaining to watch, perhaps even more so.

You can rent bumper balls for your event in most cities and pay by the hour or in some places it’s even possible to rent the bumper balls/zorb balls for a day.

Make sure you pick activities that suit the guests at the party, cuz you want to create a fun and playful atmosphere.

Create a few party rituals

People like to feel like a part of something, so creating party rituals for you and your friends is a great Idea. The most common party ritual that we all know is “cheers” you know a way to be expressing good wishes before drinking, But why not create your own rituals and let people in on it.

For the ritual to have any effect, it has to be fun and a little bit crazy. The ritual could be having some sort of chant, you know a repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung in unison by all the guests, that will make all the guests feel part of something fun.

Do not make the ritual too complicated, it has to be easy to remember and fun.

Make a Virgin Cocktailbar without alcohol

The drinks at a party without alcohol don’t have to be boring, you can make a Virgin Cocktailbar without alcohol and if you want to score some easy points, then set up a bar build from bamboo and create a Hawaii feel to the whole bar area, that way you are creating a fun sober party, that still feels like a regular party.

Make sure you pick a few different kinds of Cocktails without alcohol since not all like the sweet cocktails and some don’t like the sour.

Why Cocktails without alcohol instead of long drinks without alcohol?
Well, Cocktails just give the whole party a bit more flavor.

How to party without drinking

If it’s an evening party then lights and music can create a fantastic atmosphere. You really can’t overdo it.

A sober party can still be intoxicating without the use of alcohol, it’s all about creating a fun and energetic ambiance. One of the ways you can create the right settings for your guests is by using music and lights.

Colored lights across the room or backyard will do the trick, and perhaps even lighting up some individual objects can intensify the effects of the lights

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can buy lights and small fountains on amazon

Secret happenings can create mystique at parties

From our experience adding a bit of mystery to the party can create excitement, so tease a secret happening til will occur doing the event. Build up so suspension by adding a countdown timer for when the Secret happening will take place. This will help you create, along with the other ideas one of the most fun sober parties that most have ever been to.

To create even more excitement let the crowd help you countdown from 10.